Yorkshire Coast 10k

Today went really well, we must have had a record number of runners having a massage before and after the run. A group of local therapists volunteer and put the massage service on for free and those who want to make a donation can.

Its an amazing site watching over 1000 runners go across the foreshore road, i was quite lucky and got to massage the winner.

Its been a hard few hours but the massage therapists did a great job. And thank you to those who did make a donation it all goes towards the “scarborough athletics track fund”



Work experience

Today i went into Yorkshire Coast College to show the therapists how to perform pre and post race massages and hopefully a few will volunteer to help on Sunday at the Yorkshire Coast 10k.

I really enjoy teaching people massage and how it can benefit so  many people. When i was a student i found it hard to know what direction to take my career, i was lucky  i found the right course to suit what i needed but it was not easy to find. I think its important for those who have found their path to help others. The Yorkshire Coast 10k is a great opportunity for these students to gain some experience but also meet and work with experienced therapists who can share their stories.

Don’t forget the deadline for the 10k on Sunday may have passed but the fun run entries are open on the day. So if you have a family make it a day out, under 8’s must be accompanied by an adult and Halloween fancy dress is encouraged the race starts at 11.30 and costs £3 per person i would try to get entered at least 1 hour before as the max entry is 500.


Yorkshire Coast 10k

Entries for the Yorkshire Coast 10k are doing amazing. Pro-Am will be heading the massage team which will provide pre and post race massages. Theres still time to enter if you have not already. Its a great day and there is also a fun run for the kids which has a halloween theme.

Events like these rely on volunteers to help it run smoothly. My next post will introduce you to the massage therapists giving up there time to spend it helping runners recover and raising funds for “Scarborough Athletics club Track Fund”

New Videos

Look out soon for some new videos on “a good breathing pattern” and “core activation program”. Breathing is essential for life, it also has an importnat role in core activation.

Pro-Am is running the sports massage course for the Hull York Medical Students again this year. Keep posted as i will be needing practice models for them.

London 2012 Olympics


What an awesome 24 hours, i picked up a coach at leeds at 8am got to London for 12.30pm. I had to go and pick up my ticket at the French headquarters near London Bridge meaning i had my first experience of London underground. It also gave a great opportunity to see Tower Bridge with the Olympic Rings. Once i got my tickets it was straight to the Olympic Park and WOW! considering the amount of people there was no ques for anything, plenty of toliets and water points as it was a hot day. I got to see all the venues in the Olympic Park and the atmosphere was great as you could hear all the cheers from each stadium.

Athletics started at 7pm and we got to sit on the back straight in the middle so we could see pretty much everything, it was just deciding what to watch as there was so much going on. The womens hammer was great i got to see our British thrower Sophie Hitchon and although she would have wanted to throw further the crowd was fully behind her. The hammer was won in an Olympic record. The mens pole vault was just mind blowing out British athlete Steve Lewis got the British record. We got to see the womens 1500m and 5000m final, the mens 4x100m heats Britain were disqualified. The highlights on the track was the Bahama’s winning the 4x400m final their first ever gold and witnessing the womens 4x100m world record been broken by the American team.

Overall it was amazing experience, for more photos visit my Facebook Page



Pro-Am will be closed on Friday 10th August due to being in London to watch the athletics, tune in later to see photos

Wed 8th August just watched (on tv) Sophie Hitchon qualify for the womens hammer final which i get to see on Friday, really exicited now!

Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch passed through Scarborough on Monday and i was lucky enough to slot some time off work to go and watch a performance down at the Open Air Theatre. We were lucky with the weather it only rained a little and when the tourch arrived it was glorious sun shine. I was also glad that the streets were full of people eager to see the torch as this means everyone is starting to get into the Olympic spirit.

Don’t forget the British Olympic Trials are this weekend and will be shown on TV Saturday aftrenoon. This year i think is going be the most competitve trials for a long time. There will be alot of excitment for those athletes making the Olympic team but in some events there are too many with the A standard meaning some are not going be selected.

Keep an eye out for Richard Buck a 400m runner from York fingers crossed he has made the relay squad, he will have to do a big pb to get in for the individual as well as come in the top 3 this weekend.

Future courses

Sports Therapist Jenna has just booked her place on a course for  “rehabilitaion of tendinopathy” this is an area we are thinking of really specialising in esp for achilles injuries. This course will be November.

6th Anniversary

Time has flown past this last few months i forgot completely that on April 6th Pro-Am had its 6th Anniversary.

Also our Ankle rehabilitation video has passed 60,000 views which is great news and we have been getting some great feedback from it. If you have any requests for videos on certain injuries then just let us know either through twitter or email. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02Rssq3c9fE&feature=g-upl]

The last group of HYMS students have all passed the module with flying colours. It’s great to see people experiencing first hand just how beneficial sports massage can be.

Look out for entries to the McCain Yorkshire Coast 10k at Scarborough 28th October 2012 entries will be open this month. http://www.yorkshirecoast10k.co.uk/