John Trelfa a friend lost but not forgotten

Pro-Am had some very devastating news this weekend a much loved friend and member of Scarborough AC lost his battle with depression and commited suicide. It has come as a shock and he will be greatly missed. Core sessions on a Wednesday will not be same without you John R.I.P.

Last year John was kind enough to write a marathon diary for my website and you can read it by clicking on the following link.

John was a great writer and as any runner will know you have lows and highs throughout your training especially with marathon training but as john himself says at the end ” I was born to run”

Specific soft tissue course

I went to Manchester to learn a new soft tissue skill. The course was excellant really enjoyed it and have come anyway with some great specific techniques to help get rid of stubborn injuries. The tutor was Glenn Hunter who works for UKSport and it was facinating listening to his experiences with the Olympic teams.

Book review

After reading the handbook of osteopathic techniques i found out just how closely related my training and how osteopaths training is so similar. My approach over the years has certainly moved more in the direction towards osteopathic concepts without realising it. I am a firm believer that manual hands on techniques should be the base of any injury treatment. When dealing with an injury you must have a global approach, yes you must direct treatment directly to the injury but you must also take into comsideration the compensations that the injury may have developed which in turn can then become the complaint itself. The book shows some great techniques to help fine tune the body back into balance but i think i will find some courses to learn the techniques.

This book is great as a reference to double check techniques but not to learn techniques from as its difficult to see what dircetion the pressure goes in with it only been photos.


My first Sports massage students

For the last 3 weeks i have shown 4 Hull York medical students how to perform sports massage and how important massage can be in the medical world. I have really enjoyed these last few weeks its a good change from my usual work. The students have done really well, 3 weeks is such a short time to learn massage. Hopefully they will give good feedback to other students and my course will get selected again in January.


Octobers newsletter is out now it explains the importance of protein for injured athletes and its role in injury prevention.

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