August Newsletter

Our August newsletter has just been sent out, it includes 3 tips on how to stay injury free whilst training. This is aimed at everybody who does any form of exercise, no matter what ability or goals. If you want to sign up to recieve our monthly newsletter and get access to previous newletters just go to our website homepage and use the sign up form.

Its coming to the end of the athletics season and i’ll post a reflection of my competition season in a few weeks.

July Newsletter

Our July Newsletter is out today, its been a great show of athletics this weekend and the world champs are just round the corner. But sadly there has also been some bad publcity for athletics and so i thought i would do an article on supplements and just how careful you have to be.

Monthy Newsletter

Our June newsletter has just been sent. Its looking at the RICE regime and why it may need to change its approach for ligament and tendon injuries which heal differently to muscles. Learn what the MEAT regime is. If you want to sign up to our monthly newsletter go to our website and sign up from our homepage.

Scalby Fair Saturday 22nd June

Just been getting some stock together for the Scalby Fair this weekend. I will be in Manchester competing at the Northern Championships but the lovely Lisa MacGregor has a table at the fair and will be selling some of my luscious bath and shower products, along with some cards made by JDS and jewellery made by Lisa. So if you fancy a day out, pop out to the Scalby Fair ImagePlease share this post with your friends to support a great local event.

New Car

Just treated myself to a new car (well not a new new car but 5 years old which is an improvement on 18). I’m just waiting for Blue Raptor Signs to design my stickers to go on and you wont miss me driving around Scarborough. I’ll post a picture when its done, hopefully the end of this week.

Hull Open Meet

It was the Hull Open today and although it was warmer than last week the wind really spoilt results. I managed 49m which shows my strength has definatley improved this year but i dont think my body liked the early start. Last week I managed 50m so i was a little disappointed to not break that again this weekend.

It was a mixed competition (male and female) today, i quallified for the elite competition which meant i got to throw against Alex Smith who qualified for the Olympic final last summer, he managed 70m but was pushed by some other great throwers. It was amazing to watch and be part of it.

I now have some technical work to go and practice and hopefully in a few weeks i can try and get a personal best. If you fancy giving hammer throw a try and are from Scarborough your welcome to come and join in my sessions.

Keeping Up To Date

Pro-Am’s Sports Therapist Jenna has just booked on a course (June 1st) to keep up to date on the latest assessment/ treatment tools for hip and groin injuries.

Continuing professional development is mandatory to be a member of “The Society of Sports Therapists” this professional organisation is working with the Health Professionals Council to get Sports Therapy protected meaning the public would not have to look into credentials as all sports therapists would have adequate training of least a degree.

Our 7th anniversary competition winners have been drawn if you did not win then keep an eye out in the next few weeks as we have our next lot of medical students in to learn sports massage and we will need practice models.

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