6th Anniversary

Time has flown past this last few months i forgot completely that on April 6th Pro-Am had its 6th Anniversary.

Also our Ankle rehabilitation video has passed 60,000 views which is great news and we have been getting some great feedback from it. If you have any requests for videos on certain injuries then just let us know either through twitter or email. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02Rssq3c9fE&feature=g-upl]

The last group of HYMS students have all passed the module with flying colours. It’s great to see people experiencing first hand just how beneficial sports massage can be.

Look out for entries to the McCain Yorkshire Coast 10k at Scarborough 28th October 2012 entries will be open this month. http://www.yorkshirecoast10k.co.uk/




General Update

Pro-Am is now in the middle of teaching its next lot of HYMS students, if you would like to be a practice model from the 30th April – 3rd May i have only 5 slots left for a free massage, places are going fast so let me know soon if you would like one.

Pro-Am’s newsletter will be out soon and its all about how to choose the right running trainer for your foot posture. You can sign up to me monthy newsletter by visiting my home page www.proamsportsinjury.co.uk and filling out the sign up form.

Jenna is also in the middle of joining Manoj Krishna’s (consultant spinal surgeon) Partnership Programme. This will help Pro-Am gain experience from the top level in lower back and neck problems.

March Newsletter

Pro-Am’s March Newletter has just gone out to subscribers, topic is about the effects of fatigue on performance.

If you would like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter just go to www.proamsportsinjury.co.uk and scroll down and you will find the sign up form.


Pro-Am has some good news, Jenna has another group of HYMS students in for her Sports Massage SSC. To gain experience the students will need practice models so keep a look out in April/May for the chance to get a free Sports Massage

New Newsletter format

Pro-Am is updating the way it sends its newsletters so on February 25th look out for our glamourous new look.

If you would like to sign up to our monlthy newsletter visit www.proamsportsinjury.co.uk and you will find the sign up form. From this page you will also see a link on to our newsletter homepage where you can find some of our past issues.



HYMS Students

Well another lot of HYMS students have completed their introductory sports massage course. It’s always great to see people reacting to having sports massage and finding out how beneficial it really is no matter what you do in life.

Throwing in snow

In the uk we dont get to throw in snow very often but this week i have been, once the sledgers had had their turn.

It’s been great fun, each time its been glorious sun shine and blue sky. There are a few down sides 1) not been able to find your hammers which on fresh snow is not too bad but once it gets churned up its hard to find them. 2) hammer shoes are smoothe on the bottom making walking to retrieve hammers hard work. At the moment i am just enjoying this new challenge and my throwing is showing great progress as i near the end of my power phase.

January Newsletter

I sent January’s newsletter out last week but i had a few problems with my email so for this month only here is the link to the newsletter.

Newsletter January 2012 – Water Running; Not JUST a good exercise for cross training when injured

I would like to say thank you to all those who have voluteered to be practice models for my Hull York Medical School students who are taking part in my sports massage course.

Useful Blogs

Here are some great blogs i use to get new ideas, refresh knowledge and get a different perspective on injuries,treatments, and exercise.