Going back to college

Pro-Am’s Jenna Wheatman will be going into Yorkshire Coast College to train some level 3 beauty therapists in how to give pre and post event sports massage. This is for the McCains Yorkshire Coast 10k which will be held on the 30th October.

Jenna will also be shortly taking her first Hull York Medical Students for a student selected sports massage course.


Our latest video is about strengtheing exercises to help prevent hamstring injuries [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRySBPVCaXs]

For those who have sustained a hamstring injury it also includes some simple early exercises to put into your rehabilitation program before attempting the main exercises in the video.

Core Training

Jenna Wheatman will be starting up the core training sessions on Wed 5th Oct at Pindar School. We will be in the small school gym, sessions are £1 for SAC members £3 for non members to cover gym costs. Sessions will include a variety of exercises focusing on the core, you will get the chance to use medicine balls, try plyometrics and ladder drills. If you have your own skipping rope and medicine ball then please bring them. All abilities are welcome the sessions are for over 15’s only.