Coming Soon

Pro-Am is currently setting up it’s own health scheme.

We have designed some 1 year subscription plans to access Sports Therapy and Sports Massage treatments. Many of our clients say they should make it a regular thing to have treatment to help prevent the problems they come and see us for. Well these plans are just for you. They are to help spread the cost of treatments by settimg up a monthly standing order and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

All of our plans offer a set number of inclusive treatments with access to discounts on any additional sessions required.


Monthly Cost (yearly total)

Number of Inclusive

Sessions per year

Discount off additional sessions

Basic Plus £6 (£72) 2 10%
Bronze 6 £20 (£240) 8 15%
Silver Moon £30 (£360) 13 20%
Golden Fortnight £55 (660) 26 25%

(Going through each plan you are getting the rates equivalent to £36 per treatment for Basic Plus, £30 Bronze 6, £27.69 Silver Moon, £25.38 Golden fortnight)

You choose when or how to use you inclusive allowance. Use your allowance for Massage or Sports Therapy (Injury Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation). You can use them for an injury or just for a relaxation treat, its up to you!

If you are interested in finding out more just get in touch.