Corona Virus Updates

We are now in a lockdown

We can continue to practise, providing essential therapy services for the relief of pain and acute symptoms that may be detrimental to quality of life, or in order to prevent disability. This does not include our non-essential treatments, or those that are provided for maintenance, or detailed as ‘close contact services’, such as remedial or sports massage. However, where soft tissue therapy is indicated within the aforementioned essential criteria, it can be applied and full PPE and CoVID-19 safety measures will be adhered to.

What is actually means for Pro-Am

Our Sports Therapy consultations will continue as normal at our normal rate.

We can also offer a virtual consultation first to decide whether a face-to- face appointment is needed which can be done over the phone or video call. Payment through BACS or paypal will be required prior and charged at £20. We will discuss home treatment stategies to try. If a face-to-face appointment is required it will be charged at £17.

Sports massage for remedial/routine maintenance will not be available during lockdown.

We have digitalised our consent forms which can be emailed and completed by you prior to your appointment. This can save time and reduce the appointment time.

Included on the form you will find information on how the clinic is running (or see below) and electronic payment details. If a face-to-face appointment is arranged the form will explain what you need to do upon arrival to your appointment. You will need you own mask to wear and will be required to let the therapist take your temperature upon entering the clinic.

Face to face consultations are for those where the benefits of treatment outweigh the risks of infection transmission. Note taking for injuries can be completed with social distancing in place or most of it will be done over the phone or online to reduce face-to-face appointment time. For any hands on testing and treatment  the therapist will be wearing full PPE (Visor, gloves and apron), appointment times will be kept as short as possible without compromising quality. We believe this is the best way to keep everyone safe and at the same time get you on the right path for home self treatments and exercises.

For those who are still unable to visit our clinic, we are still offering and having some great results with our:-
Online/phone injury consultations to be able to give general advice on home treatments and exercise. You will need to give consent to this prior to the consultation. This is a free service.

Online or phone call follows ups are available for existing clients that have had a recent consultation (last 6 weeks). This is a free service.

Our health scheme packages are currently on hold. Any current clients on the health scheme will have been contaced by Pro-Am.

Pro-Am Sports Injury Clinic is minimising infection transmission by following government guideline and applying the following

  1. All clients will be screened for COVID-19 if a face to face appointment is required. Face to face appointments are only available if general advice has not worked and the benefits for seeing the client face to face must be greater than the risk posed of infection transmission
  2. Clients will be spaced out so there is no cross over, there will be no waiting room or toilet facilities available
  3. Subjective history of your injury may be taken via the phone to minimise face to face time. Otherwise it can be completed within the government guidelines of 2m distancing
  4. The therapist will clean the treatment room prior and after each client.
  5. The therapist will use hand santiser or hand wash prior, during and after each client.
  6. If manual testing is required the therapist will hand sanitise again before and after contact
  7. Any pillows, bolster cushions, facial cushion will be wiped down with alcohol wipes prior and after each client
  8. Towels will only be used for modesty purpose if required otherwise paper toweling or through clothing tests will be completed. If a towel is used for a client, after use it will go in a bag and washed at the end of the day.
  9. The therapist will be wearing a work specific uniform and if social distancing cannot be maintained (manual hands on testing required) then the therapist will wear a mask, gloves and apron.
  10. To help ventilation the treatment door will be kept open, the entrance door will be closed, a window in the entrance way will be kept open.

What we ask from you the patient/client upon arrival, during and after your appointment

  1. Complete your COVID-19 screening form prior to your appointment and send it back via email we can discuss how best to fill the form and how to send it back if needed. Or this will be done at the clinic.
  2. Arrive at the time allotted to you. Do  not enter the clinic until the therapist says it is safe to do so.
  3. You will have a second COVID-19 screening test verbally before entering. The therapist has every right to refuse entrance if they think the chance of infection transmission puts anybody’s safety at risk.
  4. Do not touch any door handles, we will be there to welcome you. Try not to touch any surfaces in the clinic other than the chair or treatment table.
  5. Upon entering the clinic there will be hand washing facilities and/or hand sanitiser for you to use.  You will be advised to do the same when you leave and perhaps change clothing when you get home to wash.
  6. If you come with somebody else, they will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening form. If there is a risk of infection transmission they will be asked to wait outside the premises.
  7. You will be asked to wear your own mask unless you are exempt. Your temperature will be taken upon entering the clinic. If it is found to be high you will not be able to continue with your appointment. If you booked in for an injury consultation, we will be able to arrange a phone/online consultation. If you were booked in for a massage it will be rescheduled.