Having fun with Iris Folding, Free Massages, and Bath Goodies

As some of my clients will know i am really into trying out new crafts and now i will be sharing my experiences.

Along with my new venture i thought it would be great to have some new pictures in my clinic to go with my Bath and Shower Cosmetic Range display. My mum was holding an iris folding class for a group of ladies and i joined in. Here is what i made.


Iris folding is very easy to do, all you do is follow a numbered chart, placing folded bits of paper in order. I think the pictures have turned out great, and by simply changing the colours you could have a completely different look. YouTube and google are great to find tips and demonstrations on all kinds of crafts. Here is a video demonstrating how to do iris folding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFv-KrwDqjo

Don’t forget i have my HYMS students in next week, so keep an eye out for some free massages.

Special offer Рleading up to the launch of my Bath and Shower Cosmetics for anyone who books in for a treatment  before 1st Feb will get a free sample to try out.