London 2012 Olympics


What an awesome 24 hours, i picked up a coach at leeds at 8am got to London for 12.30pm. I had to go and pick up my ticket at the French headquarters near London Bridge meaning i had my first experience of London underground. It also gave a great opportunity to see Tower Bridge with the Olympic Rings. Once i got my tickets it was straight to the Olympic Park and WOW! considering the amount of people there was no ques for anything, plenty of toliets and water points as it was a hot day. I got to see all the venues in the Olympic Park and the atmosphere was great as you could hear all the cheers from each stadium.

Athletics started at 7pm and we got to sit on the back straight in the middle so we could see pretty much everything, it was just deciding what to watch as there was so much going on. The womens hammer was great i got to see our British thrower Sophie Hitchon and although she would have wanted to throw further the crowd was fully behind her. The hammer was won in an Olympic record. The mens pole vault was just mind blowing out British athlete Steve Lewis got the British record. We got to see the womens 1500m and 5000m final, the mens 4x100m heats Britain were disqualified. The highlights on the track was the Bahama’s winning the 4x400m final their first ever gold and witnessing the womens 4x100m world record been broken by the American team.

Overall it was amazing experience, for more photos visit my Facebook Page