New Year, New Project!

On 1st February Pro-Am will see the launch of its Bath and Shower cosmetic range to help recovery from training and injuries or just the stresses and strains of life.

This range is handmade by our Sports Therapist Jenna Wheatman who has been making bath-bombs and creamers for a few years. ” So far i have just made bath-bombs for family and friends and they always ask for more and if i can make some as presents for their friends” ” I now have my licence to sell so will be creating a special selection for Pro-Am”

I will be giving some free samples away leading up to the launch date, so if you have an appointment with Pro-Am during January you will also get a free gift.

Also look out in February for a free sports massage, I have some HYMS students in and they will need practice models 4th Feb – 9th Feb.