Tension Headache? Sports Massage Can Help

Constant headaches can make it difficult to perform well at work and often ruin any chance of relaxing after. Here at Pro-Am we have found that deep tissue massage often provides a fast solution.

What are tension headaches?

Tension headaches are often caused by stress and can be exacerbated by dehydration. Tension headaches are characterised by feeling tight or sore at the back of the head (base of the skull) and can refer over the top of the head to the sinuses at the front. You can sometimes find pain is felt in the temple areas and behind the eyes, these symptoms can be related to jaw clenching.

The above symptoms are usually associated with a stiff neck and shoulders making things feel worse! A stiff neck can be caused by work stress or prolonged postures.

What can you do about your tension headaches?

To start it is usually best to book in for a sports massage. Here at Pro-Am we use a variety of techniques to treat the neck and shoulders, jaw and temples to find out where your headaches are stemming from. We can then talk through possible triggers like prolonged posture, jaw clenching and stress management techniques like simple breathing exercises. Our clients tend to be busy people and we advise measures that can ease headaches at work and prevent recurrence. A few simple practices might mean that your next massage can be more about relaxation and less about relieving pain.

Get on top of your headaches now by booking in 01723 363332