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Nutrition resource

If you keep struggling with niggling injuries or illnesses maybe your diet is having an influence. Here is a website resource to help find qualified nutritionists.


Sport is a great passion of mine especially athletics and it has had it’s fair share in the headlines for drug scandals. Everybody should be working for ‘sport to be clean’ and I think it should begin with prevention and education. Why?

I do not condone anyone who intentially cheats but the sporting world at all levels can come with alot of pressures from youself, others and external factors. You may have got in the wrong crowd with a coach or peers that bully and have an outlook that the only way to win is to take drugs. Sport can also have financial pressures. Athletes need to know there is support.

I really sympathise with those athletes who never intentially cheated but tested positive due to lack of knowldge, that cold remedy you took that your doctor prescribed or that supplement you took to boost recovery. WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) have a very strict policy which states you are responisble for what you put in your body. This is a fair statement. If you are an athlete climbing the ranks to elite level then you have access to training in anti-doping but what about the amateur athlete. There are some who think amateur level sport should also have testing but in order for this to happen I think we need more awareness and support to make sure all athletes understand their resposibility to keep sport clean.