Local Community Schemes

This page includes some handy links to some great community projects, support groups and clubs.


Local runners Nikki and Danny Walls setup this great project, in their own words “The idea of Run Again is to reduce the impact we runners have on the environment, and to help those both locally and further afield. ​In a nutshell, we’ll take your used and unloved sportswear and resell, recycle or donate to raise funds for great causes both near and far. We also understand in these hard times that sportswear is not always accessible so we’re here to help. If you, or anyone you know, needs some kit, please get in touch and we’re sure we’ll be able to help to get them started”


Andys Man Club was set up to help break the stigmas associated with β€œMental Health”. Weakness, burden, and embarrassment, are what stop men from speaking out. This group are helping pave the way for men to know that #ITSOKAYTOTALK and to break these stigmas. The below link will take you to our local support group.


There is also a group for women, our local area meet at the library on Vernon Road. Tuesday’s 7pm til 9pm