Health Scheme

We are accepting new clients for health packages. Call 01723 363332 to start benefiting now.

Have access to private Sports Therapy and Massage through a monthly payment plan. We all invest in our cars, pets, dental and optical health but who invests in their own physical health and well being?

By signing up, your Sports Therapist will monitor the condition of your musculoskeletal health and provide early intervention, stopping injuries occurring or escalating to a point where they interfere with quality of life and function.

All plans are a one year contract (except our marathon package) and have inclusive sessions that can be used for Sports Therapy or Massage at no extra cost – you do not need to be injured to use your plan.

 Why choose a health plan with Pro-Am?

Immediate access to treatment as and when you want, at reduced prices. Once standing order payments are setup, no hassle with cash or cards at appointments. 

 Who is the Health Scheme for?

Everyone! whether you are office based, in a manual job, participate in sport, or retired. We are proud of the treatments we offer here at Pro-Am. We provide a holistic, patient centered approach with your goals as priority.

Choose your plan

All of our plans offer a set number of inclusive 40 minute treatments with access to discounts on any additional sessions required. (new prices from 1.1.2020 but maybe subject to change)


Monthly Cost (yearly total)

Number of Inclusive Sessions per year

Discount off current price list for additional sessions

£16 (192) 6 10%
Monthly £30 (360) 12 10%

Special Marathon Package

7 treatments.

Total Cost £176 can be paid whole or in 4 monthly payments £44 (saves £7 per treatment)

(The contract runs for 4 months from the date of first payment received)

Click here to find out why this package is a great part of event training.

Scarborough Athletics Club Member Plan


Monthly Cost (yearly total)

Number of Inclusive Sessions per year

Discount off additional sessions

£14 (168) 6 Current SAC price list

(You must show your or EA membership card)

We have found that those who use Pro-Am’s services on a regular basis have far less injuries, aches and pains, especially for those who are desk based or have a repetitive or stressful job or home life. For those who have chronic pain illnesses we have been able to help clients manage their illness with less pain and better movement, improving their quality of life.

How it works

There are 4 simple steps to access Pro-Am’s Health Scheme, please read through all stages first.

  1. Book in for a 30 minute consultation (£16 one off fee) – this allows us to find out if our health plan is suited to your requirements, decide which plan you will benefit from the most and cover all subjective history information required for treatments. If you have used our services within the last year, you can skip this stage and ask for a form to be emailed.
  2. Complete the form, selecting your planPrint off the sign up form (2 pages) and fill in all details required (all info collected is kept confidential and stored electronically). We can help you fill the form out if needed. You can either scan/take a photo of the form and email back, post to the address in the footer of the webpage or drop it into the clinic. Don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself.
  3. Setup your standing order this allows YOU to setup a regular, fixed, payment subscription once we have agreed which plan is best for you. All info is on the 2nd page of the sign up form.
  4. Enjoy the benefits, knowledge and experience your Health Scheme has to offer – As soon as your signed contract and the first payment is confirmed as received via email, you can start benefiting from Pro-Am’s health scheme.

You choose when or how to use you inclusive allowance. This is not an insurance scheme. Pre-existing conditions are INCLUDED. Emphasis is placed on preventative treatments and management of existing conditions but is also there for you when if an unfortunate injury may happen. You will receive a comprehensive assessment for each treatment during the plan.

Use your allowance for Massage or Sports Therapy (Injury Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation). You can use them for an injury or just for a relaxation treat, its up to you!