Core Exercises for Cyclists

Participation in cycling is on the increase due to the success of our GB squad but also many local clubs having the funding to setup beginner groups and host relaxed fun events. Its a great exercise for fitness and for many it is easier to build up fitness levels compared to running due to its low impact. It is an exercise we give to many athletes when injured to help keep fitness. As with any sport there are injury risks and cycling is no different.

Bike setup and on bike posture are essential to avoid injury.

Here at Pro-Am we recommend you get a proper bike fit especially when spending alot of money on the bike. Next is making sure your posture is good on the bike. The on bike posture is a vital aspect of efficient cycling and it is the strength of our core which can help you maintain good posture. When our central stability is poor it makes it increasingly hard to dissociate the hips from the back and this can lead to you dragging rather than driving through the revolution cycle. It also creates increased postural fatigue through the thoracic spine (mid back).

Here at Pro-Am we can help prevent injuries occcurring from the result of poor core control with advice on some simple mobility and strength exercises which could also increase your performance too. Combine this with regular sports massage to reduce the effects of the repetitive motion that cycling incurs and you can become injury proof.



Shoulder Rehabilitation

Last night Jenna went on an evening course about “shoulder rehabilitation: a message from distant parts” the speaker was Ian Horsley lead physio at the English Institute of Sport. This is perfect timing for our monthly newsletter which will be posted next week. I will share with you:

Why is stability better than strength?

Does the cause of a shoulder injury actually come from the shoulder itself?

Which two exercises should you be carfeul with in relation to the shoulder?

Plus a few great exercises to improve shoulder stability.

It was a great local course organised by Physio Louise Child, hopefully it will be the start of many in the Scarborough area.