Codes of Practice

As a member of ‘The Society of Sports Therapists‘ we follow their set standards of proficiency and code of conduct and performance ethics. Their website also has some great injury management guidelines.

Terms and conditions

Cancellation policy

We fully understand that you may need to cancel your appointment. Please try to let us know as soon as you can. We currently have no late cancellation fee (24 hours or less) because our client and patients so far have been awesome and let us know in advance or show up. Thank You!

Making Payment

Payment can be made by card, cash on the day. Receipts are available upon request. If you have private health insurance please make sure they accept our professional credentials (SST).

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to purchase. These can be made out for a custom amount or check our special offer vouchers for set treatment packages.

Late arrivals

Please do try to arrive on time, we can not extend your alloted time. We have no waiting room but don’t worry we won’t leave you out in the rain, we leave plenty of time between clients so have no cross over. If the weather is nice and you do arrive early, we do have a lovely garden to soak up some vitamin D.

Inappropriate behaviour

At Pro-Am we have a zero tolerance policy to inappropriate behaviour. We have every right to terminate a treatment with immdediate effect and without refund if pre-paid if the client/patient demonstrates but not limited to any behaviour of intimidation, verbal aggression, physical violence, evidence of intoxication/drug influence or sexual behaviour.