Sports Therapy

What is Sports Therapy?

“Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.”

From recreational and elite athletes to desk based workers, manual laborours and the retired, we offer the same skill and dedication who ever you are.

Our Injury Service

Whether its a sports injury, work related injury or an injury interfering with daily life a prompt diagnosis is vital for successful management. Treatment will speed up recovery time by reducing pain, swelling and joint stiffness.

Our Injury Consultations include;-

Manual Assessment – We assess, treat and clinically reason what is causing the problem. We use our manual skills to work on releasing any tension in the muscles and joints relevant to causing your problem.

Rehabilitation – This is the really important one. We help you to regain stability and control to help you move better and prevent injury. We tailor each program to the individual and only use evidence based approaches.

Price: Consultation;- £35 Time: 1 hour Follow ups;- £30 Time; 40 minutes

Client Testomonials

” I saw Jenna after developing severe knee pain when running. I had previously seen other physios but was still in alot of pain 3 months down the line. I was reluctant to see her at first as I thought my running was over but even after the first treatment and the advice given I was able to adapt my training and slowly get back into my running. The cause was not where I felt my pain. I will definitely be recommending Jenna she really explains the injury so you understand it” Amanda

“Effective treatment and knows her stuff” Robert

“Best place in town if your damaged” Mik

As a professional member of The Society of Sports Therapists it is mandatory to continue and complete professional development. Here are a few courses Sports Therapist Jenna Wheatman has been on in relation to specific injuries;

  • 2010 Problem Solving the Shoulder with Anju Jaggi
  • 2011 Kinesio Taping Fundametals and Advanced (KT1 & KT2) with Justine Whitaker
  • 2012 Correlation of MRI Scans and Reports presented by Manoj Krishna
  • 2012 Tendinopathy Forget the Recipes – Learn to Rehabilitate Tendons with Dr Peter Malliaras
  • 2013 Back Pain and Sciatica presented by Manoj Krishna
  • 2013 The Sacroiliac Joint Simplified with Alison Middleditch
  • 2013 “Shoulder Rehabilitation – a message from distant parts” 
  • 2015 Online Lecture “Assessment and Management of Lateral Ankle Sprains” by PhysioUK
  • 2015 “The Sporting Hip and Groin” James Moore and Mark Young
  • 2016 “Anterior Knee Pain” Dr Lee Herrington