Sports Therapy

We provide a Sports Therapy service directed at assessing, treating and rehabilitating injuries. The main goal of an injury consultation is to find the cause of your injury and direct treatment and rehabilitation to your activities in life. This also includes advice on home treatments, exercises and injury prevention. To find out more go to our Sports Therapy page….

Sports Massage

We also provide a sports massage service. This is aimed at injury treatments, health and wellbeing maintenance and injury prevention. A regular monthly massage can prevent many injuries that may occur due to the nature of your daily activities, work or sport. Many of our clients use this as a treat to themselves. We see it as a service for your body, we can pick up the changes in muscles and prevent injuries from occurring. Many aches and pains like neck and shoulder pain can be reduced and eradicated with regular massage. To find out more go to our Sports Massage page….

We also offer gift vouchers for sports massage and injury consultations.