How to relieve a stiff neck and shoulders

Many desk based workers will suffer with neck and shoulder stiffness and not see anyone about it. Letting it build up can lead to many problems like headaches and repetitive strain injury. A regular sports massage can help treat and prevent problems from building up.

There are other things you can implement easily into your daily routine to prevent neck and shoulder stiffness.

1: movements

2: drink water

3: regular breaks

4: have a hot bath/use a heat pack or hot water bottle

5: get a sports massage

6: make sure your desk and chair are set up correctly for you

One way to implement most of the tips is using the 30:30 rule for every 30 minutes of work do 30 seconds of movement (shrugging shoulders, turning your head from side to side, standing up and stretching upwards ect.). Every 2 -3 hours get up for a longer break by going and getting a drink of water.

When you get home you can use tip 4 before you go to bed.

Even if you implement the above tips, tip 5 is still the most important. You can not get away from the fact you are seated for long periods of time which is not good for posture. A regular sports massage can stop neck and shoulder stiffness from progressing.

Here at Pro-Am we can advice you the best treatment strategy for you, we can show you how to implement self massage and exercise to prevent problems from building up.