Myofascial Release Part 2

At the weekend I finally got round to completing my part 2 Myofascial Release with John Annan (PhysioUK course). It was jam packed full of practical techniques aimed at the pelvis, front of the neck and temporomandibular joint (jaw). All of which will help me treat many lower back and neck problems.

I will write up a summary of the course and go into explaining the temporomandibular joint more in our April Newsletter.

Our March newsletter will be out soon explaining the risk factors of Achilles tendinopathy for runners.



Supporting Local Events

This weekend I volunteered my sports massage skills to help runners prepare and recover from the Yorkshire Coast 10k.

2014 McCain's Yorkshire Coast 10K Road Race and Fun Run

2014 McCain Yorkshire Coast 10K Road Race and Fun Run


This event is hosted by my athletics club “Scarborough AC” with the help of local sponsors.  I have been a member since I was 8 years old and athletics has been a big part of my life and to be able to take part in a local event like this is a great.

The weather was glorious, perfect for some good times and great support by the public who got to bask in sunshine as they cheered all the runners on. Well done to all the competitors and volunteers who made this event a great success roll on 2015, entries open in June.

This next weekend I get to travel to Manchester for a 2 day course on Myofascial Release Part 2. This will add to skills I learnt on the level 1 I attended in 2006. My next monthly newsletter will evaluate the course.



Time Flies

Its coming up to the McCains Yorkshire Coast 10k Oct 12th 2014. Entries are now closed as it has reached it’s limit of 1600 which is fantastic! I will be there providing sports massage services pre and post the event. Its a great day out with music entertainment and the fun run is still open for entry.

I will also be attending a course in October “Myofascial Release Part 2” in Manchester. It was in 2006 that I completed part 1 and use the valuable skills learnt all the time. I’ve been looking to get on this course for a long time now and look forward to advancing my skills.