Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

When you come to your appointment at Pro-Am the therapists first part of the assessment is asking as much information about your injury as possible.  The answers you give are important to guide the rest of the assessment. Sometimes a diagnosis can be given just from the subjective history you give and then we use a physical assessment to back up the diagnosis.

Here are some simple question our therapist will ask you when you are suffering from pain around the front of the knee.

Q1 Do you have pain sitting with your knees flexed?

Q2 Do you have pain standing?

Q3 Do you have pain going up or down the stairs, or both?

Q4 Have pain or swelling been key features?

Q5 What is your view on crepitus? (pops, clunks and grinding)

Answers to these questions will really help guide the therapists assessment and get to the cause of your injury.