Virtual Consultations

Covid-19 has fast forwarded the technoloigcal systems many businesses use, including ours. We had to ask ourselves whether our services can be effectively adapted to the virtual world. In short we think it can for certain patients. This post will explain how a Skype Video Call works and why we think it is a great alternative right now and perhaps in the future.

Here’s how it works

You the patient will contact us through our usual methods for arranging the appointment. We will ask you for your email address.

Once you have a confirmed apppointment scheduled, we will email you with 2 attachments. One, is how the appointment will work and Two, a consent form with our payment details. All information is treated like it would be for a face-to-face appointment. Our privacy policy can be found on our websites home page

We will ask you to reply with a completed consent form, method of payment chosen and your Skype ID.

When your scheduled appointment is due. Sign into your Skype account 10 minutes prior to the start time and wait for us to call you.

After your appointment we will email you any self treatments and exercises we discussed and practiced with links to YouTube videos or a sheet with your exercises on.

A few tips

If you do not have Skype you will have to download it or we can send you an invite link. If you are unsure how it works then it is best to have a look at Skype’s website, it has some great easy to follow help pages like ‘how to answer a video call’ as well as their own privacy policy.

We advise you set it up on a computer or laptop that has a microphone/camera in built or has a webcam. You can set it up from a phone or tablet but they can be hard to position, ideally we want your hands free.

We would also advise that you are in a private space where you have space to move. Somewhere where you can step back from the screen and we can still see you to assess movements and observe exercises.

You need to wear clothing that allows you to move. We may still ask you to disrobe so we can clearly see the area we are assessing but this is not compulsary if this makes you feel uncomfortable. Pro-Am will be calling you from the clinic treatment room which is kept private.

But how can you fix my injury without touching me?

This is something we have put alot thought into. Most injuries can be self treated as long as you have an accurate diagnosis and sensible treatment plan. Most of our consultation is asking questions about your injury to find the cause, not just the symptoms. We keep our holistic approach, we are flexible and innovative in finding ways to get you back to the activities you love. We believe we can still tailor your treatment to what you want to achieve.

Hopefully you will have some space around you so we can ask you to do certain movements and exercises, we can still observe these as part of your assessment. This does add some great input to the assessment but we understand it may not be practical where you have your computer setup. It is another piece to the puzzle but not essential for us to be able to give general advise on how to mange your injury.

The manual treatments like massage and mobilisations can make you feel better but they won’t fix your injury. Our clinical experience with the latest research suggests the right mix of exercise and recovery prescribed by an injury specialist is what helps you in the long run. If we think your pain level and disability is high risk, we of course would recommend you come in for a face-to-face appointment.

Now and the future

We offer Skype video consultations to consider whether a face-to-face appointment is required. In current times it is a way for us to weigh out the risks against the benefits of treatment.

For some pateints it maybe that you dont have the time to have a physical appointment if you travel alot for work, you may be in too much pain and disbaility at the time to physically get to the clinic. It is another option for our patients to get in touch and get the advice needed to get you on the right path for recovery.

So its a deep breath in; and out. We have a challenege before us which has led to learning and trying something new for both Pro-Am and you our patients.

If you want to book in for an appointment call 01723 363332 we can discuss which assessment type is best for you!