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A home based strength and mobility program to prevent frailty by preserving bone density and muscle mass, to keep independance and vitality.

Age-related mobility limitations are a fact of life for many older adults. About 30% of adults over age 70 have trouble with walking, getting up out of a chair, or climbing stairs. In addition to making everyday tasks difficult, mobility limitations are also linked to higher rates of falls and chronic diseases.

A big culprit for losing our physical abilities as we grow older is the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength. However, such average decline of strength and power with aging can be substantially slowed down by maintaining an active lifestyle. While there is no way to fully “stop the clock,” it’s possible for many older adults to increase muscle strength with exercise, which can help maintain mobility and independence into later life.

Throughout our years of working in the musculoskeletal industry we believe that the best recipe for improving physical function and avoiding disability is a combination of walking and resistance training.

There’s no denying that our ability to respond to exercise gets blunted as we grow older. No individual, even those very fit in their 30’s 40’s, will have the same physical response to exercise at age 70. Don’t try to compare yourself to younger people. Everyone is unique and we all age differently. Our program takes this into account with the choice of exercises individualised to your ability and goals. The choice of exercises don’t just work on strength but mindfullness and balance to prevent falls.

Who is this program for?

Those who are over 50 years old.

We currently focus on 3 health conditions osteoporosis, arthritis, early parkinson’s diagnosis.

We also offer this program to those who have had a knee or hip replacement and finding physio hasn’t quite got you back into the activities you enjoy.

If you have had recent illness and finding you have lost some fitness, this program can help you get back on track to the activities you love to do.

This program is good for fall prevention. If you find you have had a recent fall and lost your confidence, this program can be just the boost you need.

For other health issues they must be well controlled but occasionally symptomatic with flare ups. It will really benefit those who find themselves not regularly active beyond walking but want to be. You maybe very active occasionally but sedentary most of the time in relation to the seasons.

This program will also work well for those involved in sport but do not do any strength training and want to start.

What does it include?

You get an initial consultation which lasts 1 hour this allows us to find out about you and what you want to gain from the program. You then get 5 further more sessions to learn and become confident with exercises. You will be given a tailored exercise program at the end. We don’t just show you how to do the exercises but how to regress and progress them to suit your abilities and also how to adapt through pain flare ups or illness. This program is to give you a boost to be able to continue with your exercise journey and maybe give you the confidence to join a group or go to the gym.

You get a useful information booklet which will include a section to attach your individualised exercise program, you will also get 2 exercise bands and a hand strengthening ball.

Does it cost?

Yes it does. The whole program costs £220 paid upfront.

How do I apply?

You can email us for an application form and when we receive it I can then assess and reply back to whether you would benefit from the program. You can alternatively phone us and we can go through the form over the phone. Telephone 01723 363332

Who is this program not for?

We do not travel outside the YO12 YO11 postcodes.

We do not recommend this program to those who have become housebound or those who are dependant on carers.