Benefits of massage for the 0ver 60’s

As we grow older, our bodies can start to slow down as we begin experiencing some of the pain and stiffness that come with aging. You may start to find it more difficult to stay involved with your physical activities you enjoy due to chronic conditions like osteoarthritis or ailements like Parkinsons and Alzheimers. However staying physically active is vital, regular exercise helps maintain your mobility and mental health.

Massage therapy can be an effective, non invasive way to alleviate some of the symptoms of many age related conditions. With regular massage you can experience improved quality of life, increased energy levels and just feel healthier overall.

Massage offers numerous benefits to the entire body. It helps ease joint and muscle pain and can even help with increased stress levels that can sometimes come with aging as you may start to find some activities or tasks harder or taking longer.

A typical massage would last about 40 minutes,using light strokes to aid circulation and relieve muscle tension while relaxing the body and mind.

Massage can have a positive effect on the like of

  • Osteoarthritis – reducing pain and stiffness and improving physical function.
  • Sleeping habits – improved sleep patterns resulting in overall feeling of better health. Sleep is the time for the body to repair and replenish.
  • Agitation due to alzheimer’s – can ease the mind and muscle soreness from the stress of the disease.
  • Alleviate depression – touch can provide comfort and help improve mental health.
  • Relaxation – reducing the stress hormone build up allowing rest and rejuventation.
  • Improve healing – keeps the muscles, connective tissue, joints, tendons and ligaments more fluid which helps keep you mobile.

Why not try giving massage a go and make it a vital part of your healthcare routine to see what benefits and relief you begin to experience.

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