New Service on Offer

We are now registered with Kids Back 2 Sport (@kidsback2sport instagram and twitter) offering injury assessment and empower a safe return back to sport.

Kids are not mini adults! They have different anatomy and injuries from adults, and therefore, need a different approach to treatment.

This service is offered for 8-19 year olds. An consultation is £40 (April 2024) and will last 1 hour.

Here is link to get access to any downloads we recommend

Recent review

“We’ve used Pro-Am twice in the last couple of years, when my daughter has had cricketing injuries. We found Jenna to be knowledgeable and very helpful – always looking at the holistic picture, in terms of both the injury cause and the solution. My daughter always feels listened to, and understood.”


Pro-Am Sports Injury Clinic promotes and improves total body health by quickly addressing the cause of your injury with a holistical approach, individual to each patients goals. 

Who we treat? Everyone, regardless of whether you are involved in sport or not. Our role is to assess, treat and rehabilitate your aches and pains and get you back to the activities you need and love to do. Getting you back moving is the key to getting you better.

If you are involved in sport then we can take your rehabilitation that step further and get you back into your sport, aswell as design a preventative strategy.

Not sure what a Sports Therapist is? Well our training is very similar to a physiotherapist apart from we specialise in musculoskeletal (muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints) from the start, for 3 years at university. This means we spend time learning hands on muscle testing, soft tissue treatments and functional movement assessment and exercise selection.

Whether your aim is to reduce pain, increase range of motion and mobility (to enable pain free daily living) or perhaps improve at your chosen sport, we can help.

You can find out more by scrolling through our website or if you want to find out more get in touch.